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Minnesota lawmakers have agreed to give $216 million in cash relief to companies affected by the coronavirus pandemic and mandatory plant closures, but both parties in the state Capitol remain at odds over unemployment benefits. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's plan to give $217.5 million in state aid to Minnesota businesses suffering from pandemics and pain has his party behind him at the state Capitol. But there is no agreement on whether to extend unemployment benefits to laid-off workers - workers and the party in the Minnesota House and Senate, the two largest parties in the Minnesota legislature, are divided.

State Representative Tim Mahoney, who is central to the DFL negotiations, said lawmakers had hit a wall in extending unemployment benefits. The GOP has set a March 20 deadline, but the Republican chairman of the House of Representatives, Kurt Daudt, said he would be willing to support a full extension. Mahoney said some people could claim additional unemployment benefits under his plan through April 24.

We want them to survive the next few weeks, "said Pratt, R-Prior Lake. "In an economic crisis or a health crisis, we need families and individuals who stand up for themselves and their families and their children," Noor said, not just in Minnesota but across the country.

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We have also compiled a carefully selected list of recommended hotels in the Golden Valley region of Minnesota. We have added luxury hotels, including the Grand Hyatt Regency Minneapolis - St. Paul and Hilton Minneapolis, and are available on a separate list.

The Grand Hyatt Regency Minneapolis - St. Paul Express will bring you $92 per night, which is 20% cheaper than the Minneapolis average. The Express is the most expensive hotel in the Golden Valley region and the second cheapest in Minnesota.

Then there's the Mary Bar ($50), which includes pickled accessories, wine, beer and wine glasses, as well as a glass of wine. Add a $20 gift card to the Golden Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau starting December 28, or add $25 for a two-night stay at the hotel.

Options include a two-night stay at the Golden Valley Hotel with a $25 gift card and dinner at one of the hotel's restaurants, such as the Poached Fish Grill ($50), or a three-night stay with two nights at a nearby hotel. Options include a one-night or two-day stay in one of the restaurants and bars, as well as wine and beer.

The fillet steak dinner, which includes herb-crust beef fillet, baby baked potatoes and a mini New Year's Eve-inspired dessert, such as house-made turnip hummus, smoked salmon spread, chopped liver and pak, sliced tender loin sliced with mushrooms and horseradish. Golden Valley Hotel, one night's stay with a voucher and one dinner at one of the hotel's restaurants, including grilled bread, matzo ball soup, roasted almonds, whipped cream and cinnamon rolls, and wine and beer.

The set includes a pick-up - your craft cocktail set to mix at home, plus a bottle of wine, a glass of champagne and a hotel voucher.

The Lobster Lorraine Dinner ($125 per portion) includes a bottle of wine, a glass of champagne and a hotel voucher for a night at the King. Dinner includes an appetizer, two main courses and two side dishes for $2 per serving, plus a wine or beer voucher.

The Fried Chicken Dinner includes two main courses, two side dishes and a $2 wine or beer voucher per serving, plus a bottle of wine, a glass of champagne or a hotel voucher. Throw in roasted carrots, roasted chicken, roasted chicken and baked potatoes for $5 per serving for two servings of dinner.

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